Quora-BOT can help you create high-quality backlinks and improve your SEO by generating informative and engaging answers that drive traffic and build authority in your niche.

Flatworm spoke again. Three heads offering great tools. Doggy as an E-mail hosting, SEO service and this, golden mine for quality traffic; Quora-BOT.

What the smuch is that?

For those who don't know, Quora is among the top 100 most popular websites on Earth. With a system for asking all types of questions, from normal to abnormal, people provide answers to help others learn and understand more about their inquiries. Additionally, some people use Quora to promote their own interests. Since Quora is a major website with millions of daily viewers, many use it to promote their affiliates, websites, blogs, products, etc., and reach a large audience. Quora pages rank quickly on Google, so when people search the internet for answers, many Quora pages appear on the first page of Google. So why not start using it?!

Let's say you have a blog about politics, which is a popular niche these days. People often search Google for questions about politics, and many Quora pages with these questions appear. They visit those pages and read the answers. So why not start answering those questions (with your link) and reach those people (directing them to your blog)? It’s a legitimate, free, and high-quality traffic source.

While this may sound too easy or too good to be true, you still need to put in some effort. You will need to answer a lot of questions to get significant traffic, which can be time-consuming. This is where this simple software comes in. It will help you replace the grunt work and the boring task of answering questions on Quora.

I am intrigued, tell me more, please!

Well, since you asked nicely, I don’t see why not. Quora-BOT is a simple software for Windows users designed to help you answer as many questions as possible using AI technology.

The software includes features such as:

  • Using multiple accounts to perform actions simultaneously,
  • Providing keywords and collecting questions based on them,
  • Providing the link you want to promote, and the BOT does the rest,
  • Acting like a human, so you and your accounts are safe,
  • Using AI to generate answers,
  • Saving questions in a database so it won’t answer the same questions twice (from other accounts):
  • For example, if Account A answers Question A, Account B won’t answer Question A; it will move to Question B.

  • As mentioned, this is Windows-based, so you will need a machine or server (for running 24/7) to run it,
  • Quora accounts—aged ones are better, but new ones also work (WITHOUT 2FA),
  • Make sure to check those accounts before using the BOT,
  • OpenAI API key,
  • There is a default prompt in the data/config.json file which can be modified to your needs,
  • Lastly, this BOT, well daaaaaaaah.
Price, payments, updates, and terms?

I am not greedy and believe that affordable things sell more easily and quickly, but they also need to be of quality. I also believe that this simple software is valuable and of quality, as evidenced by the number of sales and satisfied users. THIS IS NOT AN ADVANCED BOT, BUT IT'S NOT AS SIMPLE AS YOU MIGHT THINK. This BOT can help automate the task of answering questions with AI-generated answers.

  • The price is $27, a one-time payment, lifetime license.
  • Payment is done via Stripe, Buy Button is above at the top and at the bottom.
  • Updates are FREE and provided when needed, basically each time Quora changes something, I update the bot and provide you with the update.
  • Sales are final and there are no refunds.

Who needs this?

To keep this answer short, if you own website(s), blog(s), some product(s) to sell and you wanna reach more quality and better audience. This tool can help you automate promotions on Quora.

Errors, bugs?

For now, there are no known bugs, but if you find something, you are more than welcome to send me a message about it. A known error is "Server Error," which is caused by Quora. Sometimes answers won’t go through at first, but no worries; the BOT repeats the action and posts after a few moments. The reason for this can be special characters in the AI-generated answers.

Contact HERE

Use this to contact if you have any questions regarding support, payment issues or just wanna see how am I doin.